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Review: Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog PAID Apk Download was just great to play! I’ve got a mega drive as well so I can play when my phone’s charging! I love the boss battles and the level designs, it’s amazing! But one thing, like sonic 2, can you make it so all three characters are playable at the start of the game? I like power-ups and special stages! It’s been epic ever since it was released.

At first, I use to play it on television now it’s on my Mobile phone.

I completed three levels now. it has been challenging but I overcame it. The controls are good. I love it. I’ve introduced it to some of my friends. People saying that the game is not good are just deceiving themselves. Maybe they don’t know how to play it now. Sonic The Hedgehog [PAID] Apk Download

Sonic The Hedgehog PAID Apk Download gets an awesome phone port.

The emulation has been enhanced so has the music. It is easier to finish it because every time you get a game over you will be able to go back to the exact act that you died on. You can now spin dash just like you can in sonic 2. If you’re playing with ad support you will get a lot of ads so do I recommend paying for the game yes I do. Sonic 1 classic is an amazing port of sonic 1.

It is a great game it gives a chance for long-time fans to relieve the experience of a classic game and the first game that started it all for the sonic universe till today and new sonic fans the chance to experience the game that started it all from sonic 1 to sonic adventure 2 battle to the brand new sonic boom franchise and with the newest installment sonic team racing it is a game that everyone can enjoy well even sonic waiting impatiently when u just drop the controls for a minute or two.

The file size is 37 MB

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