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My experience:

Download Messenger – free – latest version app. The irritating problem for me is just when Someone texted me Then I clicked it, It can’t be opened. The message is the one who is showing. And I updated my messenger already! My cousins have a camera filter when video calling and I don’t! So some of them tease me.

My Best friend:

Download Messenger – free – latest version a fabulous way to keep your contacts, chats, also a connection to FB open and available, regardless of what happens to your cell phone or service. Ran out of service minutes? You can still call also message with this app. You can also send data or links to yourself from sites that are unsharable, and larger data files that can’t be sent with proper texts, and forward them. I’m not completely sure what difficulty some people have with messenger, that could convince me to remove it. Chat groups

My friend Ronal:

Excellent app, however, I wish there was an option like “Ghost” that could make it look like I’ve been offline days ago but still ready to chat and reply to messages. I remember turning off your active status makes it look that way but people but can see that you’ve received a message they’ve sent, even during your active status is off, – they can tell. I also don’t want to have to place people in the ignore messages section all the time to make it look like I haven’t noticed their messages. Just a proposal.

Messenger – version v239. apk file size 43.9 MB

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