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My Review:

The only thing I don’t like about this game is truly there are 2 things, one being it takes so long to get money that really isn’t enough at a time but it takes so much to improve cues and recharge them and number two not being able to flash from screen to say music list and back externally the game re-uploading. Otherwise great game. Download 8 Ball Pool

A semi-realistic appearance with some twists:

Depending on the stick, which may have certain “powers” to help also depending upon how much a personality spends and also wins in coins depends on other “support” a person will be endowed with. most of all recognizing that this is a game in which the object is ranking higher and higher, there are methods ways for certain people to unrealistically change the odds into their favor. This is a fun game, it can be a way to test your own works in billiards.Download 8 Ball Pool

I rarely ever review apps:

but I had to for this one. If I had the ability to produce my own billard game this would pretty much be it. I tried about 6 other ones & to me this one’s by far the best. I experience the daily “lucky shot” for a chance of winning some coins (although the prizes aren’t worth much unless you pay) It’s $2 for 3 tries, but it can be worth it if you understand how to take the shots. I have never before spent this much cash with any other app, but I enjoy it so its worth it to me. Download 8 Ball Pool

This game has accepted over my life:

I limp from game to game barely eating or relaxing. They’ve added depth to pool by making you bet chips to play. You can spend the chips on surface stuff, but mostly you wanna get to the highest tiers (biggest buying) also play the best players. The chips are my life. Download 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool 8 version 4.6.1_apk file size 59.6 MB

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