7 applications that must be installed on MAC OS X

Techghazanfar.com – Apple is one of the biggest technology companies today. Apple is famous for making its own standardization on its products so that most are not compatible with the technology that is on the MAC OS X. However, even though they only make products for their own ecosystem, this actually makes many middle-class people instead use apple products as their main device.

Apple products are in great demand because they make and design products in a beautiful, beautiful and pleasing to the eye. In addition, they also make their own software that can only be run on their own devices, such as iOS, MacOS, WatchOS and others.

One of Apple’s well-known and widely used software products is MAC OS X. Indeed, Mac OS is not as famous as Windows which almost controls more than 80% of the market share, but Mac OS is used by musicians, business people, or creative circles. . In addition, the application piracy rate is very low on Mac OS rather than Windows, making this operating system very safe and free of blue screens

For those of you who already have or have a Macbook, here are some suggestions for applications that you must install on your Mac OS:

Microsoft Office for Mac

I know this is rather ridiculous  . Do you want to run away from MS Windows, uh, I meet with software made by Microsoft again … hehe

Who doesn’t know Microsoft Office? You know everything … Well, office has a Mac version that you can download on the official Microsoft Office website. Loh, why don’t you just use the software made by Apple?

Well, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are “trios” that are very integrated with Mac OS design. However, their appearance is very foreign to those of us who are familiar with Office before. For those of us who are busy and don’t have enough time to learn the three applications, it’s better to use a familiar application, Microsoft Office  .

Unlike the free “trio” made by Apple, this “trio” made by Microsoft is paid so make sure you have an official license … 

Extractor or B1 Free Achiver of MAC OS X

By default, our Mac os can open zip files and extract them directly in the current folder. But what about rar files? Well, you can install an application called Extractor from the App Store. We can use Extraktor by double clicking the rar and automatic file Extractor will extract the contents of the rar file to the current folder.

Or do you want to see the contents of the RAR file first instead of directly extracting it? Calm down, you can use an application called B1 Free Archiver that you can use like Winrar on Windows.


Now, who doesn’t have WA? yup, almost all of us have this application. Whatsapp now supports sending and receiving various types of media: text, photos, videos, documents and locations, as well as voice calls. By installing Whatsapp desktop for Mac, you can chat directly from your mac and without opening the browser first.


According to the author, Spotify is the best music service from existing ones such as Apple Music and Joox. One feature of Spotify is that it has native applications that can be installed on various operating systems, namely Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, and even Linux. Whereas Joox only has applications for Android and iOS while Apple music is arguably quite expensive to just listen to songs.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 and Photoscape

Adobe Photoshop is a must-have application on your MacBook. Sooner or later, you definitely need something called photo editing. There are two software that I recommend, Photoshop and Photoscape.

Photoshop is a paid application to use and the system is quite large, but if you need a powerful and complex editing application, Photoshop must be installed on a laptop.

If you don’t include heavyweight editors,  you can use an application called Photoscape, which has almost 80% of its features that we can enjoy for free. Photoscape offers a lot of basic and complex operations that we can use to edit photos to what we want.

I personally need both of the above software to be installed on the laptop. But that is back to the needs of each.

Magnet MAC OS X

For those of you who are already accustomed to windows, you will be a bit confused about how to snap the screen in Windows. Windows snap is a feature on Windows OS that allows application windows to be raised, shared, depreciated just by sliding the window to the edge of the monitor screen.

On Mac OS, you can get a feature that is 100% the same as an application called Magnet.

The magnet application is available in the app store at a very cheap price which is only 15 thousand rupiahs,MAC OS X but the convenience that we get is because this application is very large.

NTFS for Mac or Mounty for NTFS

Mac OS does not support writing files on the NTFS operating system. Yup, because NTFS is a Windows file system, Mac can’t write files but can only read it. For that, need additional software, namely NTFS for Mac.

NTFS software for Mac is a paid software for its use. If you intend to buy it, you can 

There are free alternatives that you can use namely Mounty. You can install this application and let it run in the background. If you enter the drive in NTFS format, a pop up message will appear asking whether the drive will be mounted (enable write) or not.

Thus the article about 7 applications that must be installed on MAC OS X. Hopefully Helpful.


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